Privacy Policy

Dear customer, the technology emblem appreciates your trust in us, and we assure you of our full respect for the right of each individual to maintain his privacy. Please see the terms of this agreement for the privacy policy to ensure your rights.


All information that you enter in the application, whether by telephone or through the application form attached to our website, is protected by a confidentiality of information agreement.


The privacy policy listed below explains the policy of technology for preserving the data of its customers and users of its website, as well as the policy of use and modification of the data that customers and users provide to us.


The terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy apply to existing and new customers, users and applicants.


Data collection

To submit a request to open a real or demo account with the technology embed, the user must provide us with some of his personal data “name, mobile number and e-mail” in addition to other data for the purpose of identity confirmation “a copy of the personal identity, passport or driver’s license”.


The technology ember needs specific financial information from customers “the customer’s credit card or bank account number” in order to add this information to the customer’s personal account to complete the payment process and complete the contract successfully.


After activating your account with the website, you are warned not to publish any other personal or financial data on the site unless you want to modify or add some information on your personal account, so as not to steal your financial identity data and so that you are not exposed to any fraud or fraud.


Usage Policy

All data requested by Jadwa Technology will only be used to activate the subscription and develop services, as well as to communicate and follow up with customers and to confirm payment procedures.


Jadwa Technology uses customer data only for the purposes of technical support and service development as well as sending new offers and services to each customer’s e-mail.


Embedded Technology may compare or transfer this data with some external sources in order to verify the credit status and verify customer data in general.


Jadwa Technology does not guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data in the event that you give it to clients or other users on the Jadwa Technology website. Therefore, you must make sure of the security and confidentiality of your personal data before you share it with any users or customers.


Clients have the right to communicate with us and they also have the right to ask us not to contact them or send any marketing messages to them.


Edit data

Amending personal data is a right of customers only, and Jadwa Technology will not add or modify data for customer accounts except at an official and direct request from the customer directly.


The technology allows customers to add new data or modify current account data through the customer’s personal account page, or customers can contact the technical support team and submit a request to modify some of their personal data.


Please be aware that Jadwa Tech keeps the data of its old, existing and new customers in order to prevent fraud or scams and to assist in any investigation or procedure provided for by law.


If there are any doubts about the customer data provided in the trial or subscription request (if the data is inaccurate, incomplete, outdated or fake), Embryo Technology will take the necessary action to disable the customer’s account on our website in order to provide us with the correct data.




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