April 25, 2021

Technical advices for travelling in the age of COVID19

The New York times quoted the founder of Atmosphere research group, which is a traveling data analytics company in San Francisco, Henry Hartfield saying “We should be Prepared for a very dynamic and highly flexible international travel environment for the rest of this year” clarifying that there are six advises to consider enforcing the use of technology to prepare for traveling in the time of the pandemic.
You have to do your researches over the internet before booking your tickets or your hotel, the most trusted places to find these information are the websites of traveling & tourism in your destination, upon arrival, make sure to review restaurants, & tourism locations websites before visiting them.
You also should make sure to have the vaccine, as some airlines might require you to provide documents proving you have been vaccinated or had passed Corona tests. Airlines are now testing medical apps including VeriFly, ICC AOKpass, CommonPass, & passport app of the international air transport association.

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