April 25, 2021

How the year of pandemic changed the mobile screens?

Decline of travel apps & rise of communication, education, & sports apps
A year passed since the Corona virus was considered a pandemic, & if you’re looking for a way to understand how much change your life has witnessed through this year, just take a look at the apps you have on your smart phone. What you see on your home screen is not reflecting your preferences anymore, but it opens a window to your priorities, because most important apps for many people today are those helping them get information & finish their work, get entertained, & connect with the ones they love.
Most of the people arrange their home screen to easily access apps they use regularly. Some people are obsessed with arranging apps in home screen where apps are fighting for a place according to preferred files or colors. Last Autumn, Apple followed Android allowing users to customize their apps codes & add widgets, which is a small rectangle showing the user some data like weather data, & news from apps without having to open them.
Many have dramatic changes to their electronic life, zoom application and many more video communication apps are added. Delivery, & virtual doctor visits apps. Mobile screen are now full of ready food & children virtual classes monitoring apps & even disconnecting children from Wi Fi apps are there.

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