April 25, 2021

Diversity of areas of benefits from data analytics

We use data analytics technologies in a lot of areas, for example, we use data analytics to increase the performance of electricity networks guaranteeing the levels of service & efficiency, & spending money in the best way. Expecting the electric load on the network according to old consumption data & meteorology & local celebrations to fully participate in power consumption map allowing accurate estimations of electric power consumption of every neighbourhood or house. We can also use data analytics in social benefits, like monitoring refugee’s data all around the world & connect these data to the meteorology data to locate the camps with high percentage of children in winter specially areas where medicines & blankets & winter clothes should be available before any change in weather that can negatively affect their health in case of any delay in aids arrival. Data analytics companies work closely with many leading universities in the middle east to educate students about the fundamentals of data analytics & the importance of using it in many technical & non-technical fields to improve performance.

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